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The History of Stilts-Walking高跷的历史Stilts refer to a pair of long,slender poles each equipped with a raised footrest to enable the user to walk elevated above the ground. In China, there is an old custom called “walking on stilts”. It is a performance that employs two lengths of wooden sticks over three meters long to one#39;s feet and walking on them. It is also termed “tied-on long feet”. This performance can be traced back to very ancient origins. It is said that there was once a man named Lanzi in the state of Song who entertained the first Song emperor with his feet of walking and running with two wooden poles taller than himself attached to his lower legs. In the Han Dynasty, stiltwalking, then calledstilts skill, began to popularize among the public. In the Song Dynasty,it was changed to “stepping-stilts”and the name “stilts-walking” was finally adopted in the Qing Dynasty. Through several thousand years of development, stilts-walking has greatly improved in style and become an important part of Chinese festive culture.高跷指一对细长雪仗各配备一凸起搁脚板,以使坐在上面的人可以放脚。在中国,有一个古老的习俗叫“踩高跷”。它是用超过三米多长的两段木棒,一个人走在其中表演。它也被称为“捆绑式长脚”。这种习俗可以追溯到很古老的起源。有人说,宋代一个叫兰齐的人,使宋代第一个皇帝的脚踩在两个木棍上行走,让他的身高比较高。在汉代,踩高跷,然后被称为高跷技能,开始在公众中普及。在宋代,又改为“踏高跷”并在清朝命名为“踩高跷”。经过几千年的发展,踩高跷在风格上有很大的提高,已成为中国节日文化的重要组成部分。 /201611/477680Alex spent £675 on a washing machine and a fridge-freezer from Littlewoods, opting to “buy now pay later”. At the time his income was sufficient to make the repayments before the end of the interest-free period, but when he was suddenly made redundant he couldn’t afford to repay the debt in time, and then an interest rate of 39% kicked in.亚力克斯在小森林(Littlewoods)网站采用“先买后付”的方式,花了675英镑,购买了一台洗衣机和一台双门冰箱。当时他的收入足以在免息结束时限之内还清所欠债务,但是当他突然被裁员之后,他无法及时偿清债务,然后就开始要承担39%的高额利息。“Suddenly the payments went up from about £130 to £250 a month and I didn’t have the cash,” he says. “Buy now pay later seemed the easy option, but looking back I should have just saved up the money for a couple of months. It was naivety on my part.”他说“他每月的还款额突然从130上升到了250英镑,而且我没有现金。但是现在后付似乎是一种很简单的选择,但是回首以前,我应该花几个月时间来攒钱。就我个人而言,我还是太天真了!”Consumer credit sees fastest growth in 10 years消费信贷在10年间增长速度最快Alex sought advice from debt charity StepChange, and with its help reached an agreement with Littlewoods. In total he repaid £1,130, nearly twice the amount he borrowed. “I will never have a catalogue debt again,” he says, “If I want something I’ll save up for it.”亚力克斯从信贷慈善机构步骤转变(StepChange)寻求建议,在这一机构的帮助下,他与小森林达成了协议。他最终总共付了1130英镑,这是他当时借款额的两倍。他说“我再也不会积攒一大笔贷款了。如果我想要什么东西,我会攒够钱再购买。”Alex’s difficulties were compounded by the fact that interest rates on goods bought from catalogues tend to be higher than those on mainstream credit. At this time of year it can be tempting to use these firms to buy Christmas gifts, but finance experts warn that if you’re not going to pay off your borrowing quickly, you could end up paying a high price.购买商品的利息率比那些主流的信用贷款利息率要高很多,这一事实让亚力克斯的困境变得更加糟糕。在今年的这个时候,利用这些公司去购买圣诞礼物是很诱人的选择,但是金融专家警示称,如果你不打算进款付完贷款,你可能最终会需要付更高的价格。Traditional catalogues such as Freemans and Littlewoods have been around for decades. They allowed customers to shop at home and sp the cost with a range of payment options. The rise of the internet means these brands now operate online, and have been joined by a host of catalogue-style firms selling clothes, gadgets, gifts and furniture.传统的商品购物网站比如自由人(Freemans)和小森林(Littlewoods)已经有几十年的历史。它们允许消费者在家购物,而且可以通过多种付方法来付款。网购趋势的逐渐上升,意味着这些品牌现在开始在网上操作交易,而且还吸引了许多商品类公司的加入,从卖衣,小玩意,礼物到卖家具,商品琳琅满目。 /201703/498778

A documentary series ;The Tokyo Trials; produced by Radio and Television Shanghai, was awarded the title ;Best Documentary Series; at the 21st Asian Television Awards in Singapore.近日,由上海广播电视台制作的系列纪录片《东京审判》在新加坡斩获第21届亚洲电视奖最佳系列纪录片大奖。The awarded series, produced by an all-female group who once was honored by the famous American Emmy Awards, aired last year.这部获奖纪录片于去年播出,其制作团队曾荣获著名的美国艾美奖,成员都是女性。The three-episode documentary covers the trials of Japanese war criminals by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East from 1946 to 1948.这部纪录片共三集,讲述了1946年至1948年远东国际军事法庭对日本战犯的审判。;The Smokeless War; overall introduces the Tokyo trials, focusing on three well-known trials.《没有硝烟的战场》对东京审判做了整体介绍,聚焦三个著名庭审。;The Judgment Beyond Winners; puts a positive spin on the controversial parts of the trials.《超越胜者的审判》对于庭审中具有争议的部分进行正面解读。The last episode, ;Unforgettable Memories;, shows the hard steps from the perspective of the Chinese delegation and their children and grandchildren.最后一集《不能忘却的记忆》以中国代表团及其后人的视角,揭示这场审判的艰难历程。Many materials collected from the US were seen in China for the first time, which are of high historical value.该纪录片从美国采集的很多影像在国内首次披露,具有非常高的史料价值。He Qinhua, former principal of East China University of Political Science and Law, thought that the documentary showed Chinese research on the Tokyo trials having an international level.华东政法大学前任校长何勤华认为,这部纪录片展示了中国对东京审判具有国际水平的研究。 /201612/483085

This what happens if you share your flight details on Facebook如果在脸书上分享你的航班信息,会出现什么后果?It#39;s become a well-known rule for social media: do not post your address, your passport, and, more recently, an image of your boarding pass online.这成为社交媒体上一条众所周知的准则:不要将你的地址、你的护照、最重要的是--你的登机牌--晒到网上。The reason for this is because the two-dimensional barcodes and QR codes located on your passport can be used for a variety of nefarious reasons.原因就是你护照上的二维码和QR码可能会被不法分子用于各种各样的非法活动中。Steve Hu from iflyflat.com.au went a step further, and decided to see exactly how much information he could gather about a person using just the details on a boarding pass.Iflyflat网站的史蒂夫·胡深入探索,他想知道,仅通过登机牌,能获取一个人的多少信息?And it#39;s frightening. It#39;s very frightening.结果很恐怖,真的相当恐怖!After logging on to Delta Airlines using the information on the example boarding pass, he was easily able to gain access to the person#39;s account. This meant he had access to:在使用一张样本登机牌登录达美航空公司的网站后,他轻松进入了个人中心。这意味着他可以获得:The passenger#39;s personal details, including name;The passenger#39;s itinerary; where they were going to be travelling and when, Seat number, Frequent flier details, Break down of the fare paid, The date the ticket was purchased, Last four digits of the bank card used.包括乘机人的名字在内的个人信息;乘机人的出行计划;他们何时去何地旅游过;座位号;乘机习惯;费用细节;订票日期;卡的后4位数字等。Okay, but what about if you really want to brag about your holiday; can you post a partial image of your boarding pass?好吧,那如果你真的很想炫耀下你的度假计划,只晒出登机牌的一角可不可以?The short answer is: no.是:不行。Hu used an image from social media, in which a passenger had inadvertently posted the barcode, despite trying to hide some of it with their thumb.胡使用了网上的一张图片,图上是一位乘客无意中晒出了二维码,尽管她试图用拇指遮挡住部分信息。Not only can he get all the above information just from the barcode, but there are computers and other devices which can easily the information.不仅能从二维码上获取这些信息,电脑和其他的设备还能轻而易举读出这些信息。So if you insist on inciting holiday envy, take a picture of your legs dangling in the resort#39;s pool, not your boarding pass.所以如果你还是坚持想晒出让人眼红的假期,拍一张游泳池中秀美腿的图片吧,可别再晒登机牌了。 /201609/468611

The Origin of Lantern Show灯笼展的起源Lantern show is the major folk activity of Lantern Festival or Yuanxiao Jie,which falls on the 15th of the first month of the Chinese New Year. The name derives itself from the fact that the first lunar month is called yuan month and in the ancient times people called night xiao. The 15th day is the first night to see a full moon. So the day is also called Yuanxiao Festival in China. According to the Chinese tradition, at the very beginning of a new year,when there is a bright full moon hanging in the sky,there should be thousands of colorful lanterns hung out for people to appreciate. At this time,peoplewill try to solve the puzzles on the lanterns and eat yuanxiao (sticky rice ball with sweet stuffs) and get all their families united in the joyful atmosphere. Compared with the Spring Festival,which emphasizes family reunion,Lantern Festival is an occasion of entertainment.灯笼展是元宵节的主要民俗活动,它落在中国农历新年的第一个月的第15日。这个名字来源于农历正月被称为元月,在古代人们称夜宵。第15日是第一天能看到满月的晚上。所以在中国这一天也被称为元宵节。根据中国的传统,在新的一年刚开始的时候,当明亮的圆月挂在天空中,应该有成千上万只五颜六色的灯笼挂出来供人欣赏。在这个时候,人们会猜灯谜,吃元宵(甜糯米球),并和他们的所有家庭人在欢乐的气氛里团聚。跟春节相比起来,春节强调家庭团聚,而元宵节则是的好机会。 /201611/476124

The Use of Jade in Ancient Times古代对玉的使用Jade articles produced in ancient China were used in sacrificial ceremonies ,rituals,funerals,and adornments. With their solid and smooth quality, and lustrous doors,jade products have always been famous for their beauty and style.玉器起源于中国古代,被用于祭祀,宗教礼仪,丧葬,以及装饰。凭借其坚固光滑的质量,有光泽,玉制品一直以美丽和时尚著称。In ancient times, jade was only used for personal ornaments. After the middle and later period of the Neolithic Age,large jade articles replaced#8195;small ones. Large jade articles, usually symbolizing a certain political prestige, began to reflect the ideas of the social class system and ancient religions, Until this time,jade pieces had been regarded as merely ornaments, but the stone now became closely connected to a ritual system.在古代,玉只用于个人装饰品。新石器时代的中后期后,大型玉器取代小的。大型玉器,通常象征着一定的政治威望,开始反映社会阶级制度和古老宗教的想法,直到今天,玉片被视作装饰品,但石材现在与礼节制度紧密相连。 /201610/472994

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