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佛山名仕医院做包皮要多少钱佛山市男科哪家医院好Louis in the front of the ring,Schmeling with his back to me...路易斯紧靠拳击台护栏,施梅林背对着我June 19, 1936.America is aly at war with Germany in Yankee Stadium.1936年6月19日,洋基体育馆中美德两国已先行开战American Joe Louis fights German Max Schmeling,to be the number-one contender for the Heavyweight Championship of the world.美国人乔·路易斯对阵德国人马克斯·施梅林,他们中的胜者将成为世界重量级拳王And there was a hard left...重重的一记左勾拳With a record of 24 straight wins, Joe is the 10:1 favorite.连胜24场的乔 赔率为10比1Indeed Louis, a terrific right hand to the jaw...路易斯朝对方下巴重重挥出右拳57 million people listen to the fight on the radio.5700万人收听了收音机比赛直播while Louis is following it up with good short rights and lefts.路易斯接连给对手送上高质量的左右快拳Its the 12th and last round.比赛到了最后一个回合 第12回合Joe Louis is taking a beating.乔·路易斯被对手击中Schmelings cut back and shot a hard right hand to Louis jaw.施梅林快速回击 向路易斯下颚打出一记右重拳The grandson of slaves,his family driven out of Alabama by the Ku Klux Klan.他的爷爷曾是奴隶,家人被三K党赶出了亚拉巴马州The Depression takes his familys jobs.大萧条使全家人陷入失业Unemployment amongst urban african-Americans is up to 50%.城市黑人失业率高达50%Joe keeps his family alive by boxing.乔靠打拳击比赛来养活全家Within three years, hes fought his way to the top.不到三年 他已经成为顶尖拳击手These are not just two boxers,theyre symbols of totalitarianism against democracy,supremacy against a nonracial kind of society.这不仅仅是两个拳击手之间的对抗,还象征着极权主义与民主制度之间种族主义与非种族歧视社会之间的较量America sees Schmeling as old.美国人认为施梅林的年龄已经偏大Hes 30, Joes 22.他30岁了 而乔才22岁Schmeling gets over two more hard rights to Louis jaw.He has puffed up Louis left cheek. And Louis is down!施梅林又从右路给了路易斯下颚两记重拳,路易斯的左边脸肿了起来,他倒下了But tonight,Joe has underestimated his much older German opponent.但今天晚上,乔低估了比他年长许多的德国对手And Louis is down!Hanging through the ropes, hanging badly.路易斯倒下了,他狼狈地倚靠在护栏上He is a very tired fighter.He is blinking his eyes, shaking his head.他太累了,他在眨眼的同时不断地摇头The count is done, the fight is over!The fight is over!计数完毕 比赛结束 比赛结束了Schmeling wins, against all the odds.出乎所有人的意料 施梅林赢了Schmeling is the winner. Louis is completely out.施梅林成为了赢家 路易斯彻底出局Germany is on the rise.德国正处于上升之势America is on its knees.美国被打得跪倒在地But not for long.America will get its revenge in the most politically charged fight of all time.但不会太久,美国将在一场有史以来最具政治意味的比赛中夺回胜利 /201301/223292佛山哪里治疗精囊炎好 Its Sunday 11th May, 2008.2008年5月11日星期五For millions of people,对芸芸众生来说 its just another ordinary day.不过又是寻常的一天罢了Meanwhile,其间at earthquake monitoring stations around the world,世界各地的地震监测站theres nothing special to report.也没有任何异常报告What no-one knows is that 24 hours later,没人知道 24小时之后an extraordinary natural disaster is going to strike.一场极其严重的自然灾害即将来袭A massive rescue operation is under way...大规模的救援行动正在进行.. 7.28 this morning, sending shock waves around Asia.今晨7点28分 强烈震波席卷亚洲.. A magnitude of 7.8 struck Sichuan Province...一场7.8级地震袭击了四川省An enormous earthquake tears一场剧烈的大地震into Sichuan Province in Western China.在中国西部的四川省突然发生Over 50 million people are affected.超过5千万人受灾Five million lose their homes and 70,000 die.造成近7万人死亡 500万人无家可归And all because science cant answer这一切都是因为目前的科学水平what seems like a simple question.尚无法回答这个看似简单的问题201304/236721佛山名仕医院前列腺炎引起阳痿

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